About Founders

  • Dr. Anita Awachat

    Born in Sohoni family of Thane and known as Sunanda to all her near and dear ones, she was under deep influence of Gandhian ideology from an early age. Simplicity and high values were part of her.

On completion of her medical degree, Dr. Anita joined Mental hospital at Yerawada, Pune. Full of energy and resourceful ideas, she started a “Baby Ward” and got involved with many struggling women, children and other weaker sections of the society giving them a little encouragement here, a pat there or a helping hand whenever it was possible and required.

An adolescent child of one of the family friends got addicted to Brown Sugar and this became the turning point for Dr. Anita Awachat. Not only did she help her friend and her son to fight and come out of the grips of the vice, she took eradication of similar kind of vices as her life-long mission.

As time progressed, Dr. Anita was diagnosed with cancer. But this big hurdle did not slow her down. And in spite of the depression this was causing to her and her near and dear ones, she engrossed herself into her vision with more energy and dedication.

Dr. Anil Awachat

His roots belong to Otur, a rural part of Pune district in Maharashtra. He graduated from Fergusson College, Pune and later took admission at B.J. Medical College, Pune and finished his MBBS degree.

After getting his medical degree, instead of starting a practice, Dr. Anil decided to serve the oppressed masses. It was during this period that he tied nuptial knot with Dr. Anita who shared his ideology and supported him towards all his aims and goals. During the course of time, he developed a liking to writing and his pen became his weapon towards the fight for social injustice.

Dr. Anand Nadkarni

He started his consultancy practice in 1986 after working as a lecturer in K.E.M. Hospital. He was instrumental and guide during the establishment of Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre in 1986 and is Trustee and Consulting Psychiatrist for Muktangan Rehabilitation Center.

— Anna Wong, Volunteer

He started Institute for Psychological Health, along with other colleagues in 1990 with the mission of ‘Mental Health for All’, He is Corporate Trainer and Human Resource Consultant and has been working as a trainer of Mental Health and related topics for many industries in Bombay and throughout the country.  He is Trainer of Mental Health Professionals and with his experience of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, he offers certificate courses in counseling for mental health professionals.