Nishigandh – Women in sobriety

An exclusive female ward at Muktangan Rehabilitation Center is called ‘Nishigandh – Women in sobriety’.

The “Nishigandh” ward which is started by Muktangan for females is an Independent Entity and is Governed & Managed by all female staff. Hence, without any stigma, the woman would be in a position to come forward and undergo treatment at the center without the fear of social backlash.

NISHIGANDH’s sole purpose is to help all women recover from the problem of addiction through the discovery of self and necessity of self-esteem. The addiction began to overcome Stress, Loneliness, Frustration, Emotional Deprivation, or any number of other reasons. The physical dependence can only be overcome by abstinence. The psychological addiction can be coped with counseling, group therapy, music & art therapy, meditation etc.