“He never listens to me!”, Veena was saying about Gopal, her recovering husband. Gopal in turn complained that Veena always bombarded him with questions and complaints the moment he got back home from work, which irked him most. He thought she should instead wait until he settled down before shooting her questions.

Dialogs like this one are often heard at the meetings of Sahajeevan, a group specially created for couples. Marital life is about bringing the wife and husband closer than ever, it’s about sharing the joys and sorrows together and living a happy life. But during addiction this relationship is worst affected. Disagreements turn into conflicts. Husband and wife get distanced from each other. Communication gap widens as time goes on.

To address these problems, the Sahajeevan group focuses on issues like demands and expectations, love, dealing with disagreements & disputes, sensible parenting, problems of intimacy etc. Meetings are interactive and open-mindedness is encouraged. New members learn from the experiences of senior couples. The meeting is conducted by a counsellor. The counsellor intervenes and solves disputes if and when they occur during the meeting.

When and where?

Fourth Tuesday every Month at 12.00 noon

Muktangan Rehabilitation Center,
Mohan Wadi, Off Pune Alandi Road,
Near Shetiya Hospital, Yerwada,
Pune 411 006

Third Monday evening 6.00 pm

Iph Pune 020-25474705/706 

Institute for Psychological Health 

4, Yashashri Colony near Vedant Niagara
opp Hotel Chandani Lane
Cummins College Road