Muktangan De-addiction Center was established on 29th August, 1986. The late Dr. Anita Awachat, founder of the center decided to follow an evolving approach in developing a treatment model. From what she perceived of the addiction problem, she was convinced that:

  • Addiction is a disease
  • Friends admitted need security and love
  • They should be given opportunity to express their creative instincts
  • They should restore faith in values
  • They need to be accepted by family members and support also should be given to their family members
  • Most importantly, the friends admitted should be emotionally comfortable

Dr. Anita (fondly called Madam) kept her options of treatment open to suggestions from friends. As for the therapeutic milieu, since she respected and attempted to follow Mahatma Gandhi's teachings, a system akin to Gandhiji's ashram system was her goal. Consequently, simplicity, self-reliance, maintaining the center by the inmates was part of the center since inception. There are no special rooms for anyone and self-discipline is the key factor.
Madam used to discuss with the friends what would help them recover. Some said that music might help, so music therapy was introduced. One of the friends admitted was a physical trainer. He set up an exercise regime for the inmates. Madam used to learn Yoga and she thought it would be useful during recovery, so Yoga was introduced. Madam started attending AA meetings and understood their vital importance in the recovery process so AA meeting was introduced. Gradually, a systematic therapy structure evolved.