About Coordinators

Sonali Kale

Diploma in Personnel management, MA Psychology, joined Muktangan with sheer passion. She is a strong pillar for Muktangan. As a coordinator she handles our project for  ‘Behaviour Addictions’. She also looks after several departments like HR, Accounts, Therapeutic Services etc.    Apart from being a good friend, she is a great support to Mukta in operations of Muktangan.

Prafulla Mohite

She started to work as Counselor in Muktangan. When an Idea of Nishigandh, a treatment ward for ladies, emerged, everyone unanimously suggested her name as a coordinator for that ward. She is from the inception of Nishigandh, very efficiently handling the ward. She also Looks after Sahachari- support group for wives of alcoholics.

Datta Shrikhande

One of the very old employees of  Muktangan, former drug addict and  offender who was admitted by police in 1992 is now coordinator of various departments . He looks after functioning of  Admissions, Wards, Kitchen, Housekeeping etc. He is very efficient in managing the discipline in Muktangan.