“Sahachari meeting is like a pressure cooker’s safety valve!”
– Ms. Vidya Bal (Social Activist & writer)

Very appropriately said! When a house is plagued by someone’s addiction, it becomes especially embarrassing for the women in the house. She tends to hide her feelings. But all these feelings and emotions build up, like steam in a pressure cooker, waiting to be released.
So when these women come together, they talk openly, the shyness disappears. They realize that they are all in the ‘same boat’. They don’t feel lonely anymore. Nobody talks about addiction, instead they talk about maintaining their own well-being!

Sahachari is a support group for the wives and/or mothers of the addicts. The group was started on 10th March 1997. It believes that wives cannot cure or control addiction, and most importantly they are not the cause of it. Once they accept this fact they can prepare themselves to help the addict in his recovery. In Sahachari they also believe that while helping the addict they should look at their own irrational behaviour and make positive efforts to change themselves.

The group meets twice a month. Meetings include sharing, discussion, guidance from the guest speaker and individual counselling.

When and Where?

Second Tuesday every Month at 12.00 noon

Muktangan Rehabilitation Center,
Mohan Wadi, Off Pune Alandi Road,
Near Shetiya Hospital, Yerwada,
Pune 411 006