About Director

Ms. Mukta (Awachat) Puntambekar

Mukta Puntambekar can be easily defined as a next generation person with a combination of Gandhian principals and socialism, which she has inherited from her parents.

On completion of the Masters in Clinical Psychology, Mukta Awachat joined Muktangan as a clinical psychologist. Parental guidance, her own academic qualifications and her ever growing experience further matured her personality.

After she lost her mother to cancer, Mukta took the reins of Muktangan De-addiction Centre with dynamic and mature leadership qualities. Keeping in mind the ever-changing scenario and times, she steered the organization into a more scientific and professional centre. New schemes, techniques and strategies emerged under her leadership.

Muktangan Mitra has enlarged its approach and scope and has introduced modern and innovative modus operandi which has been acknowledged by the Government, NGO bodies and private sector in both India and abroad.