Following is a list of some de-addiction related books that we believe are.. worth reading! As usual, if you have read a great book that you feel should be listed here, do let us know. Send us an email.

List of Books by Dr. Anil Awachat

  1. गर्द (Gard): On Drug Addiction picture in Maharashtra. (Marathi) (Out of print right now)
  2. रोजचे प्रतिबिंब (Rojche pratibimba) (Marathi).
    Daily reflection (English)
  3. बारा पायऱ्या व बारा रूढी (Baaraa paayaryaa va baaraa ruDhee) (Marathi)
  4. अल्कोहोलिक्स अ‍ॅनॉनिमस (Alcoholics Anonymous) (Marathi and English)
  5. Living sober (English)
  6. पूर्णिया (Poornea): Plight of poor people in the State of Bihar in India.
  7. वेध (Vedh): Column writing on various subjects.
  8. छेड़ (Chhed): Column writing on various subjects.
  9. हमीद (Hamid): Personality sketch of a Muslim Reformer.
  10. कोंडमारा (Kondmara): Cases of Dalit (untouchables) atrocities and their follow up.
  11. संभ्रम (Sambhram): The so called Gurus, who take disadvantages of people.
  12. माणसं (Manasa): Life of unprotected laborers like Beedi workers, Coolies, Nomadic Tribes, Slum Dwellers and draught affected people etc. (Translated in Hindi &amp English – THE PEOPLE)
  13. धागे आडवे उभे (Dhage Adave Ubhe): Life of Textile workers, Commercial Sex workers, Devdasis, Workers in Turmeric godowns etc.
  14. वाघ्या मुरली (Vaghya Murali): Against obscenity in society.
  15. धार्मिक (Dharmik): Against obscenity in society.
  16. मोर (Mor): Creative prose.
  17. स्वतःविषयी (Swatha Vishayi): On his own life experiences.
  18. अमेरिका (America): A travel Log, and comments on the culture.
  19. आप्त (Apt): Some individuals living with some values, in common walk of life.
  20. कार्यरत (Karyarat): Some individuals working on some Social, Health and Environmental Problems: role models for the youth. (Translated in English – BEYOND WORK)
  21. प्रश्न आणि प्रश्न (Prashna ani Prashna): Collection of long articles on Environmental problems in India.
  22. छंदांविषयी (Chandanvishayi): On his hobbies like Painting, Sculpting, Origami, Flute playing, Cooking etc.
  23. दिसले ते (Disale te): Creative prose about his experiences in life.
  24. जगण्यातील काही (Jaganyatil Kahi): Creative prose about his experiences in life.
  25. मस्त मस्त उतार (Mast Mast Utar): Poetry.
  26. सृष्टीत गोष्टीत (Shrushtit Goshtit): Short stories for Children.
  27. वनात जनात (Vanat Janat): Short stories for Children.
  28. मजेदार ओरिगामी (Majedar Origami): A book on Origami.
  29. पुण्याची अपूर्वाई (Punyachi Apoorvai): A profile of different Pune.
  30. मुक्तांगणची गोष्ट (Muktangan chi Gosht): A progressive journey of an Organization. (Translated in English -“Learning to live again”)
  31. ओरिगामीची गंमत (Origamichi Gammat)
  32. शिकविले ज्यांनी (Shikavile Jayanni)
  33. सरल तरल (Saral Taral)
  34. अक्षरांशी गप्पा (Aksharaanshi Gappa)
  35. हवेसे (Havese)

List of Books by Dr. Anand Nadkarni

  1. स्वभाव विभाव आणि विषादयोग (Swabhav Vibhav and Vishadyog): Published as audio books.
  2. मुक्तीपत्रे (Muktipatre): Book on recovery process from addictions; 5th edition. Kannada edition published in 2010.
  3. वैद्यकसत्ता (Vaidyaksatta): Won Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad Award, Now in its 5th edition.
  4. किंचित (Kinchit): Won Yashwantrav Chavan Memorial award of Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal.
  5. गद्धेपंचविशी मेमॉयर्स (Gaddhyepanchvishi Memoirs): Won Anant Kanekar award of Maharashtra State Govt. 3rd edition.
  6. आरोग्याचा अर्थ (Arogyacha Arth): Book on concept of Holistic Health; 5th edition.
  7. एका सायकिअ‍ॅट्रिस्टची डायरी (Eka Psychiatristchi Diary): Book on memoirs as a psychiatrist, 6th edition. Also published in Braille edition
  8. स्वभाव विभाव (Swabhav Vibhav): Published on 1st October 2000, book on Rational Emotive thinking; 10th edition.
  9. जिद्न्यासा (Jidnyasa): Editor of this training manual of adolescent sensitization program, 3rd edition.
  10. मनोविकास (Manovikas): Presenter of this book on Community Volunteer project run by IPH – 3rd edition.
  11. विषाद योग (Vishad Yog): Published on 4th October 2003, on the theme of stress management, comparative analysis of REBT & Bhagwatgeeta; now in its 8th edition. Received Maharashtra State Literature award, Barrister Nath Pai Memorial award, 2004-2005
  12. देवराईच्या सावलीत (Devraichya Savaleet): A unique blend of insights in film-appreciation, creative documentation and information about ‘schizophrenia’ – a major mental illness. In second edition.
  13. शहाण्यांचा सायकिअ‍ॅट्रिस्ट (Shahanyancha Psychiatrist): This is a story of an activist in the field of Mental health spanning over two decades. Published Mar 2010. Three editions in one year.
  14. मनोगती (Manogati): A blend of psychotherapy and Indian philosophy. Two editions within one year of publishing since March 2010.
  15. Nature and Signature: English adaption of his Best-seller Marathi book Swabhav Vibhav by Mr. Satish Bapat (Gautami Prakashan)
  16. Dialogue to Wellness: English adaption of his popularbook Muktipatre by Mr. Satish Bapat (Gautami Prakashan)


  1. योग (Yoga) (Marathi & English)
    – Mr. Uday Pendse